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Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson® is proud to present the 2017 Thunder in the Rockies Bike Rally. The 13th annual Thunder in the Rockies Bike Rally is an action packed, four-day event happening over Labor Day weekend (September 1st – September 4th).

Located in picturesque Loveland, Colorado, motorcycle enthusiasts and hardcore bikers from all over the country love this event! Start gearing up now to check it out. This year’s highlights include:

  • Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts
  • Live music including local and national bands
  • Competitions
  • 100+ vendors

And much, much more ~ can’t wait to see you here!

TITR Creed

Rally/ verb
(1.) : to bring or come together for a common purpose

Thunder in the Rockies Creed
The Uniting of a Brotherhood and Sisterhood,
The Gathering of kindred souls,
That share the passion for freedom, in the wind.
From all corners of the world, all walks of life.
To remember and reminisce.
To partake and enjoy,
In the liberty and present camaraderie.
Stories from the past, and adventures to come,
Which can only be found in one place,
Thunder in the Rockies


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