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Vendor space for the Thunder in the Rockies Bike Rally is OPEN!

The Thunder in the Rockies Bike Rally is an action packed, four-day event happening over Labor Day weekend in Loveland, Colorado. We are looking for vendors who can bring unique and relevant experiences to thousands of people who love the motorcycle lifestyle. If this sounds like you and would like more information on pricing, space and event details, please download our vendor contract or, contact marketing@thunderintherockies.com.

Although we have a wireless connection inside of the Dealership, we cannot guarantee it will provide a strong enough signal to the various vendor locations on the premises so please make alternative connection plans for processing transactions etc.

If you are a vendor and need to rent equipment please submit a rental reservation form.
Rental Reservation Form – DOWNLOAD

Arizona Central Insurance and North American Kiosk RPG, Inc.
Contact 1-800-678-0062 or visit Cart Kiosk for more information.
They specialize in short term and long term general liability insurance nationwide for merchants, vendors, exhibitors and business owners in malls, shopping centers, fairs, festivals, tradeshows and conventions.
Application Process – DOWNLOAD
Insurance Information – DOWNLOAD
Sample Certificate – DOWNLOAD

This agreement needs to be submitted with the Vendor Agreement – DOWNLOAD

Larimer County Food Vendor Application – DOWNLOAD
Health Department Food Vendor Requirements – DOWNLOAD
Department of Health Packet for Mobile Units and Push Carts – DOWNLOAD
Guidelines for Food Vendors – DOWNLOAD

What to do after Thunder in the Rockies. Submit to the address provided.
– Complete the “Special Event Tax Form” and include the amount of sales collected.
– Remit 3% Sales Tax on the “Special Event Tax Form”.
– Payment is due by the 20th of the month following the period of the event.
Special Event Tax Form – DOWNLOAD
Colorado Sales Tax Chart – DOWNLOAD
Special Sales Event Sales Tax Return Instructions – DOWNLOAD

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